Developing data are one of the most neglected albeit most important issues in municipal planning. Reliable data largely improves and raises the level of confidence in plans and programmes at the municipal level.​

We, therefore, assist municipal service delivery stakeholders to deal with:

  • Data analysis and enhancement to support decision-making processes. The main focus is on developing reliable and up to date data profiles for planning and decision-making
  • Facilities access and accessibility
  • Household and populations estimates
  • Development gap analysis
  • Database reconciliations and integration
  • Community profiling for planning purposes

showcase projects

  • Thembisa Land use study
  • Gauteng Corridors of Freedom focus areas
  • Assessment of municipal demarcations
  • Assessment of Category A Municipalities
  • National Land Use Classification
  • National Backlog Reporting Framework
  • Adjustments to Municipal Infrastructure Grant Allocation Model
  • Research into the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Municipal Service Delivery in South Africa
  • Integrated Development Planning Nerve Centre